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A Film by Artii Smith (& Crew)

Don't Try
This Alone

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Office Sweats - Promo Trailer

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Office Sweats

Narrative Short Film

Directed, Written, Produced, and Edited by Artii Smith

A young African American man struggles with character duality issues at the workplace, juggling both being himself and fitting the mold of corporate white America norms which don't really have a place for "black" culture. He finds himself fed up with the antics of some of his obliviously annoying and sometimes offensive coworkers and decides enough is enough, but to the viewer we are left to guess; does he really have the balls to give everyone a piece of his mind or is he only wishing he could?

Lilin's Brood

Narrative Feature Film

Co-Directed, Co-Written, and Produced by Artii Smith

Our story follows “W.H.I.S.T.L.E.”, an investigative news team geared with the latest in media exploitation and camera technology, as they attempt to uncover and expose a human trafficking & organ smuggling ring.  As they inch closer to cracking the case, the crew mysteriously hits and runs over an unknown entity leaving them in the middle of nowhere or so they think.  


The team soon encounters a hitchhiker who provides an unsolicited solution in the form of a lady named Plu. who happens to be the owner and operator of a beleaguered brothel. Recovered footage will reveal what happens when they encounter these women with terrifying secrets.

Lilin's Brood - Trailer

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