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Beats By Dre 'Silence The Doubt'
Spec Series

Mental Fortitude is the root of every athlete's power and with the help of  Beats By Dre's Powerbeats Pro Headphones every athlete can strengthen their focus to increase their mental fortitude and uncover their true greatness.

In our visually stunning Silence The Doubt Series, we showcase how three athletes use their Powerbeats Pro Headphones to truly push past their limits. We depict this through three attributes that every athlete needs to truly be great; ENDURANCE, STABILITY, and STRENGTH. Filmed by Artii, This highly engaging series inspires and motivates viewers to silence their doubt, push past their limits, and unleash their inner greatness. Proving that anything is possible with determination, dedication, and a handy set of Powerbeats Pros. 

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First in the series, is ENDURANCE. Our courageous marathoner fights through exhaustion as he reaches his limits. With the help of his Powerbeats Pro, he renews his energy and transforms his mindset to push pass his limits and unleash his inner greatness; showcasing the boost of determination and dedication one can receive when they're armed with a fresh pair of Powerbeats Pros.

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No athlete can experience true success without superior stability. In this spot, our yogi attempts a very difficult balancing pose and fails. As her negative thoughts begin to overwhelm her, she enlists the help of her Powerbeats Pro to drown out the noise, push past her limits, and unleash her inner greatness.

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While mental fortitude is the root of every athlete's power, strength is its base. In this spot, our athlete shows us how he uses his Powerbeats Pro Headphones to silence the negative thoughts telling him to quit in order to unleash his explosive inner strength.

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To close out the series, we combine these pillars to fully show how inner greatness is truly unleashed on a grand scale only possible with Beats By Dre's Powerbeats Pro Headphones.

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This spot is a more classic high-impact representation of Powerbeats Pro Headphones and their beauty.

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